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4 valuable tactics online startups can adopt from traditional businesses

            Traditional businesses have been the usual casualties since the advent of e-commerce. However, e-commerce startups can adopt a thing or two from the old-school method of selling products and services.

Online merchants can adapt traditional strategies to grow

            Online merchants could be dominating the retail industry, but physical stores are still dominant when it comes to sales. In 2017, online businesses in the U.S. only have a total of 9% of retail sales while brick-and-mortar shops have 91%. Studio 15 Founder and CEO, Jia Wertz shared in an article published on Forbes the techniques online merchants can adapt from traditional businesses. Online startups can adopt the following strategies for their business to possibly grow:

  • Recreate the role of a salesperson by creating engaging online contents that give consumers a pleasing experience while navigating a website. Consumers nowadays find salespersons annoying and that they can always search for product reviews using mobile devices.
  • Regularly update web homepages like what traditional merchants do with their product displays. Learn what are the products that have the most engagements and regularly place new products on top of your website for your consumers to immediately see.
  • Integrate a virtual fitting room to build consumers’ buying confidence. Having a fitting room is one of the reasons why offline shops prevail. Startups may consider virtual fitting rooms like Rakuten Fits Me to possibly reduce costly product returns.
  • Adapt mail catalog strategies to retarget consumers. Post ads based on the products checked by the web visitor on a website. The consumer will see the ads as he or she visits other websites or social media. There are several budget-friendly retargeting ads startups can try.

            Online startups may likely benefit from the strategies utilized by traditional merchants. However, online merchants who want to reach cross-border consumers may also consider integrating a payment gateway solution similar to a credit card terminal that supports most card brands.   

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