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Localization seamlessly connects merchants to target consumers.

How may localization help e-commerce reach consumers abroad?

            As an e-commerce owner, you might be wondering why your target consumers abroad are not making transactions after visiting your website. Google and other search engines’ artificial intelligence technology can automatically translate website contents, but there are some good reasons why e-commerce should localize their websites.

Localization speaks your consumers’ language

            There’s a good reason why a United Kingdom-based localization provider had a 73% revenue increase or U.S. $28.6 million in 2018 compared to a year earlier. E-commerce localization not only allows consumers abroad to fully understand the content they read from a website, but it also makes them comfortable navigating a site because it accurately communicates their local language.

            Google and other automatic translation tools often sound “robotic” and it could even hurt your business if your target consumers find the translated version of your text offensive. E-commerce localization helps cross-border e-commerce seamlessly reach consumers by providing country, and culture-specific contents. To prove the importance of e-commerce localization, Common Sense Advisory found out that 72.4% of consumers around the world prefer using their local language when buying things online.

            Sportmaster, a multi-brand sports retailer, highly uses localization to effectively reach its consumers in different countries including Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Russia, and China. Localization currently benefits the company markets its products in the World Cup 2018 in Russia. Localization makes it easy for consumers to build trust with the websites they make transactions, giving them a sense of belongingness. Another way to localize is to integrate a payment gateway solution that accepts multi-currency settlements to give consumers convenient payment options based on the currency they use.

            Lionbridge and Slator are some of the big names in the localization industry. While there are online companies offering machine translation services, it may not accurately localize contents compared to humans who conduct research and speak the local language. Established e-commerce and startups alike may consider localization to effectively reach their target audience across the borders.

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