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Legal Marijuana Buds

The Benefits of Legalizing Weed

Many people believe that cannabis is harmless, and should be legal. While it is not true that cannabis is totally harmless, legalizing it may help make it so. Here are the four benefits of legalizing weed.

An explanation of legal cannabis benefits

I was watching the documentary series "Explained" on Netflix, and came upon the episode on weed. It was a fascinating watch, and it made one thing clear to me: there are many benefits to legal marijuana.

Legalization means regulation, and that means standardization. According to the documentary, the cannabis industry is mostly a free-for-all. Anyone can claim anything about the product they are selling, and no one to say “boo!” to them. The absence of standard composition and measurements of cannabis products is a problem from both economic and health perspective.

Marijuana comes under a ton of street names, the most common of which are weed and wacky tobaccy, and many people consume it on a regular basis. However, not even the “scientific” names such as sativa and indica, are not reliable indications of the composition of the product. Anybody can claim “70% sativa” but that does not mean anything. Regulatory standards can help put that into motion.

Because there are no standards for weed, no one knows what goes into the product they are smoking, inhaling, or ingesting. The health benefits of marijuana depend greatly on the proper concentrations of different components. It may be harmful if it has too high concentrations of substances such as THC. Regulations can mandate accurate labeling so people if they are getting what they need for their particular purposes, such as reducing anxiety.

The most obvious benefit of legal weed is the price. Marijuana is expensive in places where it is illegal because it is illegal. There is no actual problem with supply. If weed were legal, it would be much more affordable to users, and there would be fewer drug dealers. Producers, suppliers, and retailers would also be subject to laws, including taxes. It is a win-win situation.

Legal weed is definitely on the books for many countries, but it is still tough on small businesses. Cannabis entrepreneurs continue to operate offshore where the laws are more accommodating.

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