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Will Ripple perform better in the coming months?

Ripple’s roller coaster ride and what’s coming in the near future

The latest deals and partnerships Ripple has amassed could be a make or break point for the company and its products. Here is what we think.

The near future could be brighter for Ripple and XRP

Ripple has had a bad rap. Most people who are into cryptocurrency thought that XRP was vastly inferior to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Many described Ethereum as a real enterprise solution while the same people called XRP a sham. They considered XRP as just a means for Ripple to use its supposed products and solutions, which were also questioned by many as mere publicity stunts. They see it as the company’s attempt as just generating all this media hype to increase its marketing strength and credibility.

Though things have quickly changed for the company, in a very short period, Ripple’s XRP has become the dominant cryptocurrency practically lifting most of the weight to keep the entire cryptocurrency market stable.  For a brief time, it has even overtaken Ethereum and has become the second biggest coin. Overall, XRP growth has been astronomical, to say the least. It went to a high of $0.77 two days ago from a low of $0.25 just ten days earlier. That's a whopping 205% increase for Ripple's XRP.

What may be boosting all of this could be marketing hype but it is also all based on actual and factual news. Closing more than 100 production contracts, the inclusion of Bittrex, Bitso, and Coins.Ph as new cryptocurrency exchanges for xRapid, the deals with Money Tap, all these are just some of the company boosting news coming out. All of this good news may not just be good for Ripple and XRP but they could also be good for the cryptocurrency market and the financial industry as a whole.

The coming months will be the true test. Will Ripple maintain the new status quo? A show of stability may just be the key. xRapid is supposedly about to roll out next month. Many of the key players that have thrown their lot with Ripple will be using this along with other Ripple solutions. How things play out will determine where Ripple will be going next. Let us wait and see.

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