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What are the special skills of virtual assistants?

7 Types of Virtual Assistants (VA) that Debunk the Super VA Myth

Looking for an all around virtual assistant (VA) who can do it all? Sorry to disappoint you but they don’t exist. You can find virtual assistants with specific specialties.

The Super Virtual Assistant (VA) Versus the Magnificent 7 VAs

Just like there is no office assistant who can do everything, there is also no virtual assistant who can do the same. The super virtual assistant is a myth. Anyone advertising themselves as such is promising you more than what they can actually deliver. Although there are General Virtual Assistants (GVA) who can do most things that are expected of VAs, they are not experts in everything.
Don’t lose hope though. There are virtual assistants specializing in specific tasks or job functions who can accomplish what you need for your business. Here are the 7 types of VAs and their specialties.

1. General VA (GVA) – As mentioned earlier, they are VAs who play various roles and many basic tasks to keep things operating smoothly. They are also usually the ones who will point you in the right direction when you need to hire VAs that focus on specific specialties that a GVA can no longer handle. GVAs are usually the ones you hire for keeps as their role is a staple to almost any company.
2. Web Marketer – They specialize in helping you market anything on the internet. Be it products, companies, brands or personalities, you name it, they can effectively publicize it on the web. SEO, Web Advertising and PR fall under this specialization.
3. Web Developer – They specialize in creating and designing websites. Part of their job is to ensure that your website is always secure and functions well.
4. Graphic Designer – They specialize in designing various graphic artworks such as posters, ad pages, web pages, brochures, etc.
5. Content/Copy Writer – They are the experts in providing the right words to convey your company's message. These could be in the form of ad copies, SEO text, blog posts, press releases content articles, etc.
6. Audio Visual Editor – They are experts in producing effective audio-visual content for busy entrepreneurs who want to have an instant presentation.
7. Mobile App Developer – They are the creative geeks behind every smartphone apps that turn your ideas into successful products.

Nowadays, it's very easy and affordable to hire specialized VAs. Websites like and upwork are just some of the best places to find a reliable VA.

Hiring a specialized VA is worth considering especially if you understand your company's specific needs. GVAs are preferable if you just want to delegate routinary tasks. Specialized VAs are often hired by entrepreneurs who have a website and a payment gateway that accepts multi-currency payments.     

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