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Why should I hire a web developer?

3 Reasons to Hire a Web Developer/Designer When Starting a Web Site

Even with all the website builders available, there is still a great demand for web developers and web designers. Let's find out why.

Why hire a web developer/designer to build your website? has been making waves recently. Its ads keep popping up in Facebook posts with celebrities such as Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) herself promoting the website builder app. Wix isn’t the only website builder app gaining popularity in the market today. Many people are now opting to design and build their own websites using website builder apps.

Does this mean that the conventional method of website design and development is becoming obsolete? Not necessarily. There are instances when it is a good idea to create your own website using a website builder. And there are also cases when it is better to hire a web developer/designer to build your website for you. Here are three situations in which you should hire a web developer/designer to build your website for you.

1. Company branding – If company branding is important for you, you need to have your own customized website that represents your brand. To do this, you need to have it designed and developed professionally. Try to imagine brands like Johnny Walker, Coca-Cola, or McDonald’s having their websites developed by a website builder. What do you think would be your first impression if you see their websites?

2. Large data management – Another good reason to have your website custom-built by a web designer/developer is when your website requires storing and managing huge amounts of data. For one thing, a website builder may not be able to accommodate your requirements. If the purpose of your website is to sell products and your product line consists of more than 20 products or if you require a lot of input and storage for a lot of information from people who visit your website, you may be better off having your own website built from scratch.

3. Growing company – In most cases, it is better to use a website builder to create a website when starting your company or business. There will be a stage in your company’s growth necessitating a shift from your personally made website to a professionally made one. This applies to companies that have reached a certain level of revenue, market share, or brand awareness.

Hiring a web designer or developer is worth considering if you're experiencing any of the situations mentioned above. However, if you're in the retail industry, you may also consider integrating a payment gateway solution to cater to customers abroad.

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