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Porn industry trends in 2019

Adult entertainment industry trends in 2019

The online adult entertainment industry remains one of humankind’s most profitable, if not controversial, innovations. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are two of the most important advancements in the porn industry today. Porn site operators should know the newest trends to stay afloat in the business.

Industry trends porn site operators should know in 2019

About USD $13.3 billion market of adult filmmaking and USD $3 billion market of online dating make up the adult entertainment industry today. However, many porn site startups struggle operating because of the proliferation of free porn in the internet. Following are the trends porn site operators may consider to possibly make their business profitable:

1. Premium Porn Accounts

This enables users to pay fees at porn sites if they wish customized porn content which includes: live chats, live sessions, premium advertisement-free content, and a wide range of porn materials. With blockchain technology, users can remain anonymous through the use of cryptocurrencies.

2. LegalFling

This online dating app is a trend in which users are given contracts stipulating their consent to a specific activity which can be legally used in court battles. An existing contract can be withdrawn or deleted once a deal is done, but LegalFling has its own blockchain to secure all legal information which stays permanently.

3. Luna

Poor messaging behavior, fake accounts, and mishandled account information are some of the flaws in online dating apps, according to a Luna study. To solve the inconveniences of messaging platforms, they introduced a blockchain-optimized dating platform in which initial payment is made through e-wallet schemes with a prepaid card function before a message can be sent to another user to validate interactions.

Coinnounce data reported that 40% of the internet earns from porn—with more than 90 million daily visits across the world. Such data may increase in the following years as porn sites help protect their users’ identity by accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Nowadays, it’s easy and safe to buy cryptocurrencies. Users simply go to any reliable crypto exchange platform to buy all the cryptocurrencies they need for anonymous online transactions.

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