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Where are my consumers in December?

What do online merchants need to know about consumer search trends?

If you own and operate an online business, you’ve probably prepared for the holiday rush. But if you feel that your plan is not bringing results yet, you may want to know what keeps people busy for the month of December.

10 consumer search trends merchants should know

Planning for the holiday rush is challenging especially for online start-ups still identifying their target market. New York-based tech company Yext recently released data to let you know what keeps people busy during December.

Whether you’re in the retail or the service industry, you’ll be surprised to know what people are doing in December, and you may consider these trends in your next market planning.

1. December 2—There are more people who withdraw money to spend for the rest of the holiday season.
2. December 10 to 22—More people are shopping for jewelry. Yext has observed a 23% to 180% increase in jewelry shoppers for this period.
3. December 17 and 18—People are starting to use mailing and shipping services to send their gifts or cards.
4. December 20—This is the peak day for clothes shoppers. Yext reveals that most people start to buy clothes on Black Friday until December 20.
5. December 21—This is the peak day for last-minute gift shoppers. There’s an increase in people buying pets on this day and considering it as their last-minute gifts.
6. December 22—This is the day most people shop for electronic gadgets. Yext has found out that most people (an increase of over 50%) wait for this date when buying any electronic gadgets.
7. December 24—Most people go to grocery and liquor stores. Yext revealed that over 70% of people stock up on food and liquor for Christmas Eve.
8. December 25—A significant drop in mall traffic is observed as most people prefer to stay home during this time. However, traffic in pharmacies surprisingly increases by 95%.
9. December 26—70% of people go back to retail stores to use gift cards or to return some items.
10. December 31—There’s an increase of over 123% in the number of people who buy liquor during this time to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Yext also studied the data of driving directions in businesses in December 2017. Yext’s Chief Strategy Officer said its research revealed that “holiday rush comes at different times for each business category.”

Online business owners, especially those engaged in international operations, may use the trends mentioned above and a reliable payment gateway solution to effectively grab a captive market.

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