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What's the best mobile web browser?

7 browsers better than your phone’s built-in web app

Although smartphones today have gone through lots of technological advancements, some people are still uncomfortable with its built-in web browser. Web browsing is one of the basic functions of a smartphone that manufacturers still fail to improve over the years, fortunately, there are third-party web apps that you can use.

Download any of these 7 web browsers and forget your phone’s built-in browser

Phone manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft have built-in web browsers that are often problematic. Some smartphone users don’t use their phone’s built-in web browser because it’s either slows down the device, updates too often, crashes, or freezes. Below are the mobile web browsers to replace your sucky built-in web browser:

1. Google Chrome—This is a common app for Android smartphones and tablets but it’s also available for iPhone and iPad users through the App Store. Chrome’s latest update includes mobile payment improvements through third-party apps.

2. Opera Mini—This is a mobile web browser preferred by people who still use old smartphone models. This browser saves mobile data and its new update automatically blocks ads and allows users to download videos.

3. Ecosia Browser—This mobile web browser could be earning through ad placements, but users who have environmental advocacies prefer to use this because ad revenues are used in environmental projects including tree planting.

4. Brave Browser—This is a mobile web app for people who despise ads. Its built-in adblocker may virtually block all your favorite sites so you need to exclude them from getting blocked. Its web app also allows you to stop interactive scripts on a page.

5. Mozilla Firefox—This fast and smart web app is an option for Android users who don’t like Google Chrome. Like Firefox’s desktop version, its mobile app really protects users from suspicious web trackers.

6. Kiwi Browser—This annoyance-free browser allows users to access Facebook’s Messenger to chat, meaning, you don’t need to download the independent Messenger app especially if your phone’s internal memory is running out of space. This web app also protects you from cryptojacking websites. Only Android phone users as of June 2018 can enjoy Kiwi Browser.

7. Tor Browser—This could be the future of search engine, created for the ultra-paranoid people. Tor Browser users rely on a distributed anonymous network of Virtual Private Networks or VPN to eliminate any risk of identity theft and suspicious tracking. Its app, however, is new and minimal bugs could be experienced.

The web apps mentioned above are some of the best web browsers you can use to replace your smartphone’s built-in web browser. Before downloading any third-party web apps, it’s always advisable to read the reviews to easily find out if a particular web app will cater to your browsing needs.
However, if you’re also looking for a mobile app to manage your funds, there are apps that are secure to use and also allows you to transfer funds abroad in multiple currencies.

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