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Top 10 Retirement Country Destinations, Part 4 – Colombia

Let’s take a close look at another retirement destination – Colombia. What makes this place a must-see for people looking for the ideal place to retire? Let’s show you all the good reasons.

top 10 retirement destinations, part 4 - Colombia

Affordable elegance

People who live in either the northern or southern hemispheres will love Colombia’s eternal spring-like climate. It doesn’t snow all year round, making it conducive to outdoor sports and other activities. Retirees can enjoy walking, hiking, swimming, and playing tennis and golf.

Because of its sunny yet cool climate, there is an abundance of fresh, exotic fruits and vegetables.

Quality health care, low cost of living

The World Health Organization (WHO) has ranked Colombia 22nd in the world in regard to quality health care. (The U.S. has been ranked 37th and Canada 30th.)

Retirees will find the value for their money in the relatively low cost of living in Colombia. Monthly home rental depends on the location, that is, around $300 in a small town, and around $1,500 in a major city. In most cases, a couple can retire comfortably on a budget of around $2,000 a month.

The best part, of course, about retiring in Colombia is its people. Their natural warmth and friendliness. It is traditional among Colombians to welcome tourists and retirees into their own homes as if they’re family! Colombia truly is an ideal retirement destination!

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