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What places should I visit in Peru?

3 Must Visit Places in Peru in 2019

When going to Peru whether for business or pleasure, make sure to visit these three popular places.

3 interesting places in Peru that you should visit

Peru is one of the most popular destinations in South America – and for good reason. The country has one of the most breathtaking and scenic spots on the planet. Whether you are visiting Peru as a tourist or staying long-term as an expat or maybe even retiring here permanently you must make it a part of your schedule to visit some of these popular locations. Here are the top 3 must-visit places in Peru:

1. Machu Picchu

This is the great ancient city fortress built “close to heaven.” Built by the Incas, Machu Pichu is located on a ridge 2,400 meters above the Urumbaba River. This UNESCO heritage wonder can be reached only by foot through various paths that showcase breathtaking views of the Andes while passing rustic towns along the way. Many find it physically challenging to go there, but everyone who has been to Machu Pichu will also tell you that the visit is well worth the effort.

2. Lima

The capital city of Peru, Lima is where ancient meets modern. It’s where you can find high-rise buildings on one side and coastal beach huts on another. The beaches are just a stone’s throw away. There’s surfing at Cabo Blanco, swimming and sunbathing at Vichayito and cocktails and lounging at Los Pocitas.
In this vibrant city alone, you will get a taste of almost everything nice and good about Peru. You can go on a tour of the ancient ruins of the Peruvians’ ancestors as well as the remnants of their elegant colonial past that came after. There are plenty of museums to visit next to busy food courts that you may want to visit. The never-ending nightlife on the streets of Miraflores and Barranco are worth experiencing as well.

3. Huaraz

People who love hiking in the mountains will love visiting this place. Even tourists who love scenic mountain views fall in love with this location. This small town surrounded by chiseled vertical peaks is part of the great Cordillera Blanca. The experience feels like it’s the closest thing to heaven.

Your travel to Peru will be complete if you have a chance to visit all of these three breathtaking destinations. If you’re a frequent traveler, you may need a reliable online account so you can conveniently withdraw local funds wherever you are.

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