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What are the different computer game genres?

12 Computer Game Genres Every Nongamer Should Know (Second of 2 parts)

This is the continuation of our article “12 Computer Game Genres Every Nongamer Should Know” (First of 2 parts). Here are the other 6 computer game genres to complete the 12 types of computer games.

Another 6 popular computer game genres

We recently posted an article on the 12 Computer Game Genres Every Nongamer Should Know (First of 2 parts). Here are the remaining 6 computer game genres that every nongamer should know:

1. Stealth Games
As the name implies, these are games in which the player has to use stealth in order to complete the game. They are mostly spy-based and other fighting-based games where stealth is needed to accomplish the “missions.” Examples are Hitman, Assassin’s Creed, and Sniper Elite.

2. Combat Games
These are usually one-on-one, up-close or full-contact fighting games. Martial arts and dueling games fall under this category. Examples are Tekken and Street Fighter.

3. First-Person Shooter Games (FPS)
These are games that involve shooting weapons to eliminate the “enemy.” The main difference here is that your display will show what you would see if you were viewing things with your own eyes. You will not see yourself and usually what you will see is the “weapon” you are using in front of you. Examples are Doom, Call of Duty, and Overwatch.

4. Sports Games
This category is about computer games where players participate in sports or athletic events. Like most athletic competitions, you will need to go through different levels of competition in order to ultimately win. Examples are FIFA, NBA, and WWE.

5. Role Playing Games (RPG)
These are games with long and deep back stories and usually, involve many characters. A player will play the role of a character (a hero, for example) and must solve problems and make decisions to achieve the goal of the story. Examples are Diablo and Kingdom Hearts.

6. Educational Games
Although many adults such as parents and teachers are very much against computer games, there is a category of computer games that aims to teach or train people on various subjects. They are mostly in the form of tests or puzzles to make them more interesting for the participants. Examples are Math Blaster and JumpStart Kindergarten.

The computer game genres discussed in this two-part series originally appeared in a Thought Catalog article.

As we have said in the first part of this series, most popular computer games usually fall under two or more categories or genres. Most are also free to play but will offer add-ons (skins, skills, powers, etc.) that you have to pay for. You can use any online payment methods if you wish to avail yourself of these add-ons.

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