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What Android apps should I download?

5 most useful Android phone apps in 2019

Be sure to get these 5 very useful apps on your Android smartphone. You never know when you just might need them next year.

5 most useful Android apps you should get

Our smartphones are full of apps. In most cases, people don’t even use half of the apps in their phones. Some don’t even know what these apps are for. Then there are apps that we need and cannot live without. These are the apps that keep us entertained or apps that we need in our day-to-day lives.

Aside from the apps already on our phones, there are countless other apps available on the market for us to choose from. There are Game Apps such as Candy Crush and Tetris and Money Transfer Apps like TransferWise and TransferGo to name a few. With so many choices for so many uses, it is sometimes difficult to look for new ones that will actually be of use.

To give you some idea of what you may not have but should, here are 5 useful Android apps to check out.

1. AirDroid and AirMirror

AirDroid allows you to connect a computer to a smartphone. The connection lets you share files from both computer and smartphone, get notifications, reply to certain messaging apps and a whole lot more. AirMirror, on the other hand, is an AirDroid plugin that allows you to remotely access other computers. This could be very useful for people who need PC-Smartphone interaction.

2. CamScanner

This is one of the best document scanner apps for Android phones. With CamScanner you can scan documents and store them on your phone. These can be converted to PDF format files that you can send out via e-mail, Facebook, Viber, and other communication apps – very handy when you need to copy documents on the go.


This is an app that lets you create a set of commands that the app will execute automatically for you. IFTTT is supported by a lot of other apps that you can use to generate your command set. For instance, you can set it to regularly turn on lights, turn on and command other apps, and more. This is just scratching the surface as there are so many other things this app can.

4. TickTick

This is another app that you may find very useful. It’s like a To Do app on steroids. You list down your to-do tasks and the app will remind you when you need to do them. Aside from this, you can break down a task into subtasks. For example, you can put in a schedule to go grocery and also put in the actual items you need to buy as subtasks. It also includes a feature for collaborating with others who also use the app so you can use it to check on progress and finish tasks together. Great to use for group projects.

5. LastPass

This is a password management app that gives you an added layer of security for your smartphone. It is also a more convenient way of keeping tabs of your passwords. The app can create hard-to-hack passwords for you. It will then store these passwords in various sites for added security.

There are a lot more apps that are good and functional but for now, we’ve chosen to show these, which we feel are the most useful to almost anyone who use an Android smartphone.

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