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What toy should I buy for my kids?

3 Hottest toys you may buy this Black Friday

For most people in the U.S., it’s a tradition to go out and splurge on bargain products on Black Friday. We’ve listed the three coolest toys this Black Friday if you’re still clueless on what to give your kids this holiday season.

These are the 3 hottest toys on Black Friday

Black Friday is the day people go crazy shopping as most retailers ridiculously slash product prices to make way for new products. Even if you’re not in the U.S., the toys identified by Adobe Analytics in a Business Insider article will give you a clue on how to delight your little-loved ones this holiday season.

L.O.L. Surprise!—is a spherical-shaped package loaded with four mini-dolls and accessories. These tiny toys became a hit as thousands of buyers film themselves while opening packages and uploading pictures on YouTube. Some of the dolls cry, spit, or “tinkle.” The regular L.O.L. Surprise! package costs around USD $10.00 while the “Big Surprise” version that comes in real wood and 85+ Surprises costs around USD $189.00 on Amazon.

Fingerlings toys—are mini monkeys, sloths and unicorn toys that embrace the fingers of the player. The toys smartly react depending on how the player touches it. For example, a toy may fart if its entire head is cradled for several seconds. Fingerlings toys’ prices range between USD $13.00 and USD $24.00 each on Amazon.

Little Live Pets—are cute pet toys that react like real animals. A puppy toy, for example, reacts like a real puppy. There’s also a turtle that swims on water and walks on land with two creature friends on its back. These life-like toys cost around USD $33.00 to $54.00 on Amazon Prime.

The e-commerce industry is thriving

Adobe Analytics revealed that consumers have already spent USD $31.9 billion a few weeks before Black Friday—a 16.7% increase compared to last year’s figure. Adobe has forecasted that people will spend USD $124.1 billion in online shopping from November to December.

Instead of going out to brick-and-mortar stores, most people nowadays shop online with an online account to avoid the inconveniences brought by the holiday rush. Buying online has become convenient because merchants use a secure payment gateway to provide several payment options to consumers.

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