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What are the influencer marketing trends in 2019?

Trends every influencer marketer needs to know in 2019

Most brands nowadays have learned and maximized the subconscious way of promoting their products and services. Influencer marketing, however, continues to evolve, and influencers should adjust to some changes to make their 2019 a profitable year.

What are the influencer marketing trends in 2019?

Whether you’re a full-time marketing influencer or someone still building a career through an affiliate marketing platform, chances are, you have an idea that brands are dead serious in determining the effectiveness of influencing. These brands simply want to make sure that influencer marketing will translate into more sales. Business 2 Community recently identified the following trends influencer marketers should know in 2019 to help them succeed in their career:

1. Instagram is still the “king”—Most brands still want a fair share of exposure on this simple photo and video platform. Instagram not only allows users to buy directly on the platform – it also allows influencers to organically reach users through live streaming.

2. Brands will establish long-term partnerships with influencers—Brands will be more focused on a few influencers who’ve created a community of loyal followers and maintain it. Influencers are expected to provide brands with insights to nourish their target market.

3. Brands will use more User-Generated Content (UGC)—Expect brands to mix influencer content with UGC. If properly done, UGC can turn customers into advocates. Mixing UGC in social media channels also breaks the monotony of influencing.

4. Influencers become more transparent and are expected to provide more authentic content—Brands turn to influencer marketers because consumers have become fed up with traditional advertisements. Influencers, on the other hand, should be responsible enough to disclose brand sponsorships and to create original content to establish credibility with their audiences.

5. There will be more influencer marketers in 2019—Influencer marketers continue to increase every year, and brands may decide to work with new, talented influencers. This trend could pose a challenge to influencers in engaging their target audience.

6. Some influencers consider affiliate marketing—Influencer marketers who own a website may likely consider monetizing it passively. Digital companies like cryptocurrency exchange platform operators pay generous commission fees to affiliates by simply running an ad on their websites.

Because social media is now a staple in every household, there’s no reason for influencer marketing not to become a profitable career in 2019. Brands will surely tap talented individuals who have been considered industry leaders in their respective niches.

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