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Where can I spend my Dash coin?

Where can tourists buy food using Dash coin?

Owning some popular Alternative coins or Altcoins has become beneficial for business travelers abroad. Spending Altcoin like Dash coin is practical nowadays and it’s also safe because merchants in many countries now accept it as a mode of payment.

Use Dash coin to buy food abroad

Dash is just one of the thousands of Altcoins available today, and as a normal money would do, consumers can use it to buy food. Just recently, a Forbes report revealed that a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) branch in Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, will start accepting Dash coin payments. KFC is just one of the several food businesses in the country that accepts Dash coins.

Soon, other KFC branches in Venezuela will adopt Dash as a mode of payment. The country recently passed a bill to regulate cryptocurrency as proposed by President Nicolas Maduro to possibly address the country's hyperinflation crisis. The bill validates Venezuela’s own stablecoin, Petrol. The controversial digital coin is backed by oil, hence the name.

Travelers abroad who are wondering where is Dash coin used to buy food, all they have to do is search Discover Dash to reveal all food businesses accepting Dash coins.

UPDATE: A follow-up Cointelegraph report revealed that Venezuela KFC CEO, Antonio Sampayo denied a twit that they will begin accepting Dash coin payments.  

Acquiring Dash coin is easy

Crypto investors enlist Dash in their portfolio because of its stability and transparency compared to other digital tokens. As Bitcoin price and other cryptos continue to slide in historic lows, Dash Coin CEO, Ryan Taylor reassured the public that they “have a significant buffer in place to withstand the impact of the market bottom, whenever that comes.”

Crypto investors only need to do some simple clicks, or taps to get Dash anytime. However, those who are interested in crypto trading to possibly increase their investments may consider visiting reliable crypto exchange sites. Nowadays there are licensed trading platform providers that crypto traders can visit for safer and reliable transactions.

Editor's note: The U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs has advised American travelers to reconsider going to Caracas and other places in Venezuela because of heightened crime risk.

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