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Redditors' data compromised in recent hacking incident

E-mail addresses among sensitive redditors’ data compromised in hacking incident

            Approximately 330 million redditors worldwide are in panic mode after “the front page of the internet” became the headline of other news outfits. If you have been a redditor since May 2007, your data is likely compromised after a hacker recently infiltrated Reddit’s servers.

Reddit confirm data privacy breach incident

            Reddit founding engineer, “KeyserSosa” announced in a Reddit post that they had a security incident. The tech company learned on June 19, 2018, that an unidentified hacker infiltrated Reddit’s system after intercepting its Short Messaging System (SMS). The hacker was able to access various data stored in their system, including a “database backup” of Reddit during their early years. The post revealed that if you’ve been a redditor since Reddit’s launch, your e-mail address and account credentials have been compromised. Below are the other data that the hacker was able to access:

  • Login credentials including username and passwords of redditor members since 2005 until May 2007.
  • Public posts and private messages of redditors before May 2007.
  • Email digest logs sent from June 3 to June 17, 2018, connecting redditors to the associated e-mail address containing popular subreddits that you’ve subscribed.

            Reddit didn’t reveal how many accounts have been accessed by the hacker between June 14 to 18, but they said that although the security breach was serious, the hacker wasn’t able to modify their system. They will send you a message either in private (PM) or through e-mail if your account is affected. Redditors, especially those who have been members since 2007 or earlier are encouraged to immediately change their passwords and integrate a token-based two-factor authentication (2-FA). Reddit also gave instructions on how you can remove information if you think your e-mail address have affected.

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