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Credit cards have become more convenient to use but it also made convenient for scammers to steal data

How Can You Protect Yourself from the Latest Credit Card Scam

            Credit Card scams have been around since credit cards have been around. Scammers just find better ways of gaining access to credit card accounts.

Protecting Yourself from Electronic Pick Pocketing

            Credit card companies continue to innovate to ensure that the information contained in your cards is secured. The problem is that every time credit card companies innovate, credit card scammers also find innovative means to gain access to credit card data.

RFID Technology in Credit Cards

            Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has been around for quite some time now. An example of RFID use is the small tags attached to products in retails stores that trigger the alarm when you bring them out. Recently, credit cards have been updated to use technology. The update makes it more convenient for both the consumer and the seller to complete transactions because the customer only needs to place the credit card above the reader for it to get the necessary information. You don’t even need to touch the card to the reader. It can just hover on top.

Electronic Pick Pocketing

            This convenience also makes it easier for credit card scammers to get your information from your credit card. Because it is no longer necessary to swipe or touch the card, a scammer can simply buy a relatively cheap scanning device online, to scan your credit card data. This wireless method of gaining access to your credit card is called Electronic Pick Pocketing.  Although there is no direct data so far that indicates that this process is being used by credit card scammers, we are not really certain how most scammers get credit card information.

Protecting Your Data

            If you are not sure if your credit cards have RFID technology, best to ask your credit card company. You can actually ask them to change your credit cards and remove the RFID feature if you wish. If your credit cards have RFID technology and you do not wish to have them changed, you can get wallets or card cases that are specifically designed to jam and protect your credit cards from any scanning device. There is even a simpler and cheaper method. Cut out 2 pieces of cardboard the size of your credit card and wrap it both in aluminum foil and put them on top and bottom of your credit card case or wallet.

            If you think that your data could be compromised when you use a credit card, you may want to consider using an international account that also has credit card-like features you can use for online shopping settlement

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