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Hackers are improving everyday but there are things you can do to protect your online accounts.

How to Keep Your Accounts Secure from Hackers?

            Hackers will always find new ways and means to access your accounts. It’s terrifying to know what hackers can do today to access someone’s personal accounts. They may initially search you in Google and gather more information about you until they access all of your accounts.

            In the recent world hacking conference held in Las Vegas, one hacker showed how he can possibly access PayPal and WhatsApp accounts by tampering voicemail’s vulnerability. Even though hacking becomes more terrifying, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to prevent them. Here are some important tips on how to make it more difficult for hackers to access your accounts.

Tips on how to secure and protect your accounts from hackers

  • Secure your devices - Make sure gadgets like smartphones are physically not accessible to other people without your permission, and without your presence.
  • Password-protect your devices - Make use of the password protection features of your gadgets so that no one can use it. For smartphones, there are usually additional security features like the rumored in-display fingerprint scanner in the new Note 9.
  • Use additional applications - You may also use additional applications or software that gives added protection and security to your devices.
  • Password-protect all your accounts - Use the password protection features of your applications especially for web-based. In most cases, features like two-factor authentication (2FA) security are actually necessary to prevent others from accessing your personal information.
  • Be careful of what you click – Always be careful when clicking on links, especially those found in e-mails. If a site urges you to give personal information, to log-in or to change your password, this could be a phishing scheme to access your accounts. If you are curious, you can try accessing the site by typing in the URL on another window browser and authenticate it directly from the site.
  • Always update your systems – Updating your operating systems and other applications also helps in keeping your systems always secure and protected.

            Here’s a bonus tip: Set a different password for your voicemail because according to Martin Vigo, the default voicemail PINs are still vulnerable to hacking. Vigo is one of the hackers on this year’s Def Con. Technology experts and hackers convene annually to reveal the latest trends in the hacking community and find new ways to prevent it.

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