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Why wealthy people open bank account in Singapore?

What are the Best Countries to Open an Offshore Account? Part 2

            We’ve been talking a lot about offshore accounts, from the basics of offshore bank accounts to where we think are the best places to open an offshore bank account. There are several countries that fit the bill and we would like to give as much important detail for each one.

Singapore, a Haven for the Wealthy Ones

            Last time we gave you the details about the Cayman Islands as one of the top tax haven countries where you can legally open an account. This time we will go to another very good country to open an offshore account: Singapore.
            Opening an offshore account in Singapore is not for everyone. You need to deposit at least $200,000 USD to open an account in any bank in Singapore. If you have the required funds, it will be very easy to open an account there. Many banks do not even require you to go to Singapore to open and maintain an offshore account. They do offer a lot of good services, and they are one of the most secure and safest places on earth to keep your money.
             An important reason why affluent people choose to bank in Singapore is that it's a wealthy and stable country with a good reputation when it comes to financial stability and dependability. They have one of the strictest set of banking laws and regulations that aims to protect you and your money. They have the best technological breakthroughs when it comes to banking safety, security and making financial transactions more efficient.
            The biggest draw for rich people are the financial services that Singapore offers. These include a wide range of wealth management funds and services, brokerage houses, and accounts among others. They also offer good and stable trading platforms as entry points to the very lucrative Singapore markets. It’s also a good staging point to enter other profitable markets such as the U.S. the E.U, Hong Kong and China. Plus, they have companies and individual professionals skilled in money management that can assist you in implementing the best financial strategy to grow and maintain your money.
            Next time we will be going to another country the offers the best services when opening offshore accounts so watch out for it.

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