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Do you have what it takes to be a Social Media Consultant?

5 tips on how to become an effective social media consultant

            So you think you have what it takes to be a social media consultant. Let's check out some of the details of a social media consultant and see how you stack up.

            There is a common misconception that working online is laid back and easy. Although it can be in some case, most of the time social media consultancy takes a lot of hard work, sometimes it's more than a typical nine to five job. Know it's details if you plan to become one and know if you have what it takes to fill in its shoes.

What You Need to Be an Effective Social Media Consultant

            As a social media consultant, you need to be an expert on the intricacies of advertising, marketing and public relations in the world of social media and know how to apply this to help your clients businesses thrive. Check out the list below to know if you have what it takes to be a social media consultant.
1. Do Your Homework
            It goes without saying, if you are thinking of getting into any career, it pays to do your research. Find out all the pros and cons before you decide to dive in and not just about social media consultancy but also about working online. It also helps to make a business plan so that you can set yourself a goal and the parameters to reach it.
            You need to find out more about the social media industry, who your competitors are, and what and how they do things. More important, you need to know who your potential clients are and what they are looking for and what the need from a social media consultant.
You also need to know how to work out your other operational needs such as marketing, accounting, and tax payments.
2. Set up a Work Area
            Since this is an online job, you won’t have the usual workstation in a regular office that you may have had in your previous jobs. There won’t be a regular schedule for logging in, breaks and logging out. Usually one ends up working at home and with no fixed regular schedule. Setting up a designated area for work helps you distinguish work and home mode. Depending on how you handle time management, it may also help if you set a work schedule.
3. Services and Products
            You need to know the basic services a social media consultant offers. You need to have a thorough knowledge of social media management, search engine optimization, social media strategy planning, and other related services. You also need to find out how to properly value the cost of these services.
4. Creative Marketing and Public Relations
            The main goal of a social media consultant is to communicate your client’s message to people who use social media. This could be in the form of products, services, and branding. The important part here is getting the message across. If you have the creative mind for marketing and public relations, then this may be the online job for you.
5. Take Baby Steps
            If you aren’t sure if this is really what you want to do but also don’t want to end up missing the opportunity, then it may be a good idea to take small baby steps instead. Take one or two clients that you can handle without plunging yourself all in. You can test the waters while you keep your other job and decide as things progress.

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