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Why should I consider Spain as a retirement destination?

Top 10 Retirement Country Destinations, Part 2 – Spain

Here is another top retirement destination for you to think about. This time we will showcase a West European country that is both warm and cool.

Romantic, Laid Back, and Charming Sunny Spain

It is no accident people have been calling this awesome place "Sunny Spain." It has been one of the top vacation destinations for Europeans for centuries and for the rest of the world for decades.

The first and most important consideration for most retirees is the cost of living, it is one of the lowest of all first world European countries. If you are looking for a thriving European country to retire but you are also concerned about your retirement budget, then Spain is definitely an option. They have all the first world amenities, advanced telecommunications, comprehensive public transportation, plus they have very good hospitals, health care services, and health insurance.

Then there is the climate. Located at the South Western tip of Europe, Spain probably has the best climate in the world. It is sunny for an average of 300 days in most parts of the country. They have plenty of great coastal communities facing the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, where one can enjoy a seaside lifestyle.

If you are looking for a modern city living that also has a lot of cultural amenities, Spain also has it. They have large cities like Barcelona and Madrid as well as small ones like Alicante and San Sebastian that showcase a variety of museums, theaters and music halls. 

Spain’s vast interior is as much an exciting place to explore and live in just like the coastal areas. There are a lot of great places, cities that give both romantic and historic vibe that one can choose to live in. Places like Burgos is known for its many ancient cathedrals, Salamanca an ancient university city, and cities know for Moorish art and culture such as Cordoba, Granada, and Seville to name a few.

The greatest draw for retirees, however, is the lifestyle very much suited for people who are looking for a place to relax and easy for the rest of their lives. The Spanish lifestyle is the most laid back among all the European countries. The entire country literally takes a siesta (nap) in the early afternoon. Usually, only shops catering to tourists are open during this time. It goes to show how laid back and relaxed Spanish life is and it’s a perfect life for many people who want to retire abroad. If you plan to retire in this awesome travel destination and find it difficult to open a local bank account, you may want to open an international online account to manage your finances. 

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