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What are the hottest blockchain jobs today?

3 Hottest Blockchain Jobs in 2018

The blockchain industry is having an explosive growth this year. And with growth comes an increase in the number of jobs associated with the industry. Here are 3 of the most popular blockchain jobs this year.

3 Top in-demand blockchain jobs today

Blockchain technology is no longer a fad. It has proven to be very useful and is poised to become the next technological revolution. Just a few years back, most multinational companies are very skeptical of even being associated it. Now, these same companies are trying to outmaneuver each other in getting ahead with the technology.

This is why careers in blockchain are also on the rise. Experts estimate that the demand for blockchain developers has grown by at least 200% since last year. As the job demand increases, so does the pay. Most companies will offer higher pay for blockchain experts compared to that for those holding tech jobs.

With good career prospects awaiting blockchain experts, the question most of us would ask, “Can I get in on it?” Let’s find out by taking a glimpse of the 3 top jobs or fields of specialization in blockchain technology.

1. Blockchain internships or entry-level jobs
These may not sound very appealing especially to those who have a career in information technology, but you may be surprised at the level of remuneration offered to qualified applicants. Entry-level salaries are usually higher than those received by most interns. Besides, the career growth of blockchain experts could be faster as blockchain technology is relatively a nascent industry.

Jobs given to interns can be almost anything related to blockchain. But usually, these jobs focus on blockchain pilots or proof of concepts for testing distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions to prepare them for actual work in the design and development of DLT.

2. Blockchain Project Management
This is basically the same as management of other similar technology. Jobs related thereto serve as the link that turns the requirements of the company into goals that the developers need to achieve. Although blockchain project managers usually do not code directly, it is important for them to know how as it makes it easier to coordinate and manage their projects. They also need to make sure that the work is done properly, within budget and on schedule.

3. Blockchain Development
This is the most in-demand blockchain field today. Most interns train to become developers looking to be promoted to positions as blockchain project managers if they have demonstrated good organizational and management skills. They are the people who actually create the systems.

As for tech background requirements, knowledge in any DBMS, web development, or other similar technologies is a must.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start browsing. A career in blockchain may be what suits you!

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