What are the best crypto sites with a crypto margin trading feature?

Top exchange sites with a crypto margin trading feature

Written by Rez Eleazar P. Santiago on .

The advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has made margin trading more exciting, but at the same time, riskier. Individuals who want to start crypto margin trading should first understand the basics and know the most reliable sites where they can put their investments.

Crypto margin trading in a nutshell

Cryptocurrency margin trading is similar to the traditional forex margin trading. Investors use their capital and leverage it so they can borrow more digital assets to trade. For example, if a trader invests USD $3,000, he or she can leverage it to buy more cryptocurrencies. Margin traders may earn more from their investments if the prices of the cryptocurrencies they bought have increased.   

Crypto margin trading is risky for starters because cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, unlike their fiat counterpart. Traders may suddenly lose all of their investments if the price of a particular cryptocurrency drops to an all-time low (similar to what happened to Bitcoin). But for those who think they’re ready to try the exciting world of crypto margin trading, here are the seven reliable crypto exchange sites with a margin trading feature that they may want to try:

7 best exchange sites with a crypto margin trading feature

  1. kraken—is one of the largest crypto exchange sites based in the U.S. where traders can margin trade up to six types of cryptos. This exchange platform accepts CAD, GBP, EUR, and USD currencies. Kraken CEO Jesse Powell, in a statement, said the company has not delisted USD deposits and withdrawals.
  2. WHALECLUB—is a crypto exchange platform that has a margin trading feature where traders can pair USD with any 6 types of cryptocurrencies. Just last year, WHALECLUB added Dash coin to allow investors to trade traditional stocks.   
  3. POLONIEX—offers easy registration to individuals who want to immediately start trading. Advanced traders can margin trade 11 types of cryptos to Bitcoin. However, by the end of 2018, U.S. citizens can no longer access POLONIEX’s margin and lending products, an article of COINTELEGRAPH says.
  4. Huobi Global—is another pioneer international crypto exchange that allows traders to margin trade Bitcoin involving 10 types of cryptocurrency pairs. Reports reveal that Huobi Global will include at least 4 types of stablecoins.
  5. BITFINEX—is a crypto exchange platform where traders can margin trade Bitcoin and USD to several pairs of cryptocurrencies. Registration and verification usually take 15 to 20 business days. BITFINEX recently announced that it was resolving a processing complication that had affected fiat deposits of some traders.
  6. BitMEX—is a crypto exchange platform that offers a secure margin trading feature. Traders only need to use their e-mail for registration to start margin trading Bitcoin to any of 6 cryptocurrency types. A recent report reveals that BitMEX will compete with Bitcoin Core by launching its own software.
  7. iLexExchange—is a new crypto exchange platform that also has a margin trading feature on the popular MetaTrader 4 platform. Initially, traders can pair USD with established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple’s XRP. Aside from trading features, a report reveals that iLexExchange has an attractive program for affiliates who wish to earn extra income.

Forbes contributor, Andrew Rossow, recently said: “if you are entering the crypto world for the first time, there is one thing that is certain—you must understand how to trade and purchase [digital assets].” Crypto margin trading is not for the faint of heart, but for those who are ready to trade, the crypto exchange sites mentioned above are a good start.