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Where to trade BCHABC on a margin?

Crypto exchange platforms that support Bitcoin Cash ABC

Bitcoin Cash was one of the popular cryptos until it underwent a hard fork and its value suffered from the ongoing bearish market. But this doesn't not stop Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCH ABC) owners from trading their digital assets on a margin.

4 popular platforms where you can trade BCH ABC on a margin

Bitcoin Cash value was already increasing in November 2018 when it suddenly underwent a hard fork. From around USD $600, BCH price nosedived around USD $160. BCH ABC is reportedly performing better than the SV version in terms of proof-of-work, a statistic of Coin Dance revealed. BCH ABC margin traders should check these four reliable exchange platforms to grow their crypto assets:

1. Kraken—A month after the hard fork, the platform expanded its margin trading to accept BCH. It’s one of the largest exchange platforms based in San Francisco. The 4-tier BCH borrowing limits in Kraken depend on the identification documents submitted by the trader.

2. HitBTC—is another exchange platform with a margin feature that supports BCH ABC. The exchange platform offers high liquidity and high-security measures. Aside from low fees, Kraken boasts unlimited digital asset withdrawals and deposits.

3. BitMEX—is one of the pioneers and respected crypto exchange platforms where people can trade BCH on a margin. BitMEX offers low fees. Its mobile app allows traders to conveniently monitor their trading activities anywhere.

4. iLexExchange—is an emerging exchange platform with a margin feature that supports BCH ABC. iLexExchange has confirmed it’s not supporting the new SV coin version. Aside from low transaction fees, this is one of the few platforms that offers a chance to earn for individuals who want to become an affiliate.

About the BCH split

A Cointelegraph article revealed the looming hard fork began in August 2018 when BCH SV was created. ABC or “Adjustable Blocksize Cap” is the original form of Bitcoin Cash while SV or “Satoshi’s Vision” is the new coin formed after the hard fork. Some experts say Bitcoin (BTC) value suffered from the hard fork as BCH ABC and SV shifted their mining from BTC.

Trading BCH ABC on a margin is an exciting experience for advanced crypto traders. Budding crypto margin traders should do their due diligence so they can enjoy and possibly increase their earnings.

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