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What are the best countries to open an offshore account? Part 3

Switzerland, a famous destination for offshore accounts.

            Now we will talk about a country that’s very well-known for offshore accounts, Switzerland. I don’t think there’s anyone who has not heard or read about Swiss bank accounts. The phrase is everywhere, from spy novels to news articles about famous people. It may have a notorious reputation in pop culture, but in reality, Swiss offer one of the best advantages for international banks.

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An Offshore Account May Not Be Your Best Option

What's another option for offshore bank account?

            An offshore account seems like a great idea for online merchants and business owners. They can avoid many of the restrictions imposed by traditional banks in their home country. However, an offshore account is no longer the haven it used to be, thanks to stricter regulations due to some account holders using offshore accounts to launder money or other illegal activities. A money platform may be the better option today.

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The Truth about Anonymous Bank Accounts

Is a private bank account possible?

            Most experts agree: the days when it was easy to open a numbered or anonymous bank account are all but gone. This is particularly true for U.S. citizens. Some banks still offer some type of bank secrecy, but increased scrutiny and pressure from the U.S. government has made most, if not all, of these banks reluctant to offer anonymity to Americans.

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