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What is the ideal smartphone for frequent travelers?

            It’s important to stay connected with loved ones and friends when traveling abroad as it may give the traveler peace of mind when in a foreign country. Frequent travelers either use a smartphone with an existing data plan or have a secondary phone dedicated for traveling (using a prepaid plan).

An ideal smartphone depends on a person’s specific needs

            A 2018 data of We Are Social reveal that there are currently 5.135 billion mobile phone users around the world, making it safe to assume that almost all people understand the benefit and convenience of using a communication device. Smartphone needs may vary depending on the length of stay and purpose of travel. Business travelers’ needs may slightly differ from those of backpackers. An ideal traveler’s smartphone is one that caters to the basic needs: One that has a reliable connectivity, dependable battery life, data storage, fast internet, and impressive camera features. Nowadays, there are also military-grade smartphones that can withstand accidental drops and water splash, which could be a plus factor for travelers abroad.

            Smartphones have been convenient for travelers as it acts like a ‘Swiss army knife,’ it reduces the need to bring bulky gadgets like DSLR cameras and even laptops. Manufacturers have already revolutionized the quality of photos taken from smartphones, that’s almost comparable with most of today’s compact digital cameras.

            When it comes to operating systems, Android still dominates the industry over Apple’s iOS simply because it has more flexibility and the handsets are relatively affordable. Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Google Pixel 2 are two of today’s sought-after Android-powered handsets in the market that’s more affordable than Apple’s flagship phone, the iPhone X. Mate 10 Pro crops up as the usual choice for its impressive internal components, while the Pixel 2 has been complimented for its remarkable camera capabilities. Both smartphones have waterproof features, fast-charging, long battery life, and a camera that can snap awesome travel photos that’s easy to share on Facebook and Twitter. Both smartphones also have a sufficient internal storage, perfect for apps like e-wallets to allow travelers to make international remittance anytime to their loved ones anywhere in the world.

            All things considered, the features of Mate 10 Pro and Pixel 2 are nearly the same, but the former could be ideal for travelers who heavily prefer features rather than the brand name. The advent of smartphones made it possible for frequent travelers to conveniently multi-task on a fly that’s why it’s important to carefully choose a mobile device.

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