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5 smart tips online shoppers can do to save money

            For many people, online shopping is much cheaper and more convenient especially for those who frequently travel abroad. However, actual costs can pile up in sneaky ways, and it’s important for online shoppers to know some clever ways to benefit from the process.

Shoppers can fairly outwit online merchants

            Online shopping continues to emerge as a preference for many as there are 1.66 billion digital buyers worldwide as of 2017. Online shoppers should be aware that some aspects of buying online can leave a significant dent in their finances. An example is a recent ruling that modifies how U.S. states can collect taxes from online purchases. This can have a trickle-down effect and result in abrupt pricing differences elsewhere abroad. So what are the ways a person can do to save money when shopping online?

  • Outwit the system: Most shops use dynamic pricing, meaning they price items based on a user’s location and spending patterns. This can be addressed by clearing browsing history and cookies and logging out of e-mail and social media accounts before shopping.
  • Sleep on it: Leave the item on the shopping cart or on a wish list. Most online shops monitor this and will try to lure the shopper back by sending price-drop notifications. It’s also good to note that most special deals online happen on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
  • Use the shop’s local site: Instead of being redirected to the default main site (usually U.S. site), shoppers should find out if the merchant has a local website. Price differentials may be minor but helpful when buying in bulk. This is also a way to avoid enormous shipping fees.
  • Use coupons: Follow the social media apps of merchants to get updates on special promos. Online assistants can sometimes give special deals for the day. Also, try out a browser extension called Honey, which finds and applies coupon codes upon checkout.
  • Compare prices: Use another helpful extension, PriceBlink, to compare prices. Not because an item is on discount on one site means it’s already a bargain. Also, remember that website and app prices are not always the same

            Lastly, shoppers should be meticulous in checking product reviews and return policies before clicking the checkout button. Online shopping has been a convenient way of purchasing products especially for those who travel abroad frequently, however, travelers may consider using an accessible international e-wallet account that offers low service charge when shopping online.

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