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How to use AFTER PAY for a convenient online shopping experience?

AFTER PAY offers convenient payment solution for people in Taiwan

            There’s a new payment solution in Taiwan that gives convenience and confidence to online shoppers. AFTER PAY aims to solve the usual hassles encountered by tech-savvy consumers in the country.

AFTER PAY solves the hassles of online shopping

            Majority of Taiwanese consumers (87%) are already considering online shopping since 2014, a survey of Nielsen revealed. Consumers are able to purchase products abroad through online shopping since 1997. However, some consumers find it frustrating to shop online because of the possibility of not getting the products they have paid in advance, while others don’t shop online simply because they don’t have credit cards. What’s more frustrating is that some online shops charge fees for every product return.

            AFTER PAY solves these online shopping issues by giving consumers convenient payment options. Online shoppers can either use their ATMs or pay at a nearby payment station. Consumers can thoroughly inspect their purchases for any problems or defects upon delivery, and if they choose the “AFTER PAY” method, they are given 9 days to pay for their purchases. AFTER PAY has partnered with over 10,000 convenience stores like 7-11, Family Mart, OK, Laierfu for easy payments.

            Online shopping without a credit card? It’s possible with AFTER PAY! Online shoppers can use their ATMs and pay for their purchases through their banks. With AFTER PAY, every consumer can purchase goods online up to 10,000 yuan (NTD). Consumers no longer have to worry about credit card scams or identity theft cases.

How AFTER PAY works?

            When buying online, consumers simply need to select the “AFTER PAY” payment method and wait for the product delivery. Once the products have been delivered, consumers will receive a payment code through an e-mail or a text message from “AFTER PAY” Service Center. Consumers are given 9 days to pay for their purchases after receiving the payment code. Consumers who fail to pay for their purchases within the deadline are required to pay for interest rates, and their AFTER PAY will be suspended until payments are made.

            AFTER PAY is an online shopping payment solution for Taiwanese consumers to have a convenient way to purchase goods and at the same time, it builds their confidence when making online transactions.

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