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Consumers’ simplified chargeback guide

            Credit card payments made it very convenient for today’s consumers to purchase goods and services on the internet, but glitches are likely to happen from time to time. Consumers, especially those who frequently travel abroad, may want to understand what happens when they file a refund from their card issuers.

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5 Smart ways to shop at flea markets abroad

            Retiring or studying abroad will not be complete without shopping at flea markets. Since buying basic commodities for yourself or souvenirs you wish to give to loved ones back home is one of the most memorable experiences you’ll have, doing it smartly can make your shopping experience worth sharing.

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Your ultimate guide to buying perfectly fitting shoes online

            Buying shoes online is a tricky thing to do simply because you cannot try them on and feel whether or not they're comfortable. Though measuring the feet length is your only way to get a “perfect fit,” there are other things that you also need to consider when buying a pair of shoes from online shops.

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