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AI technology is an integral part of today's e-commerce

How the “Terminator” is Helping the E-Commerce

            We’ve been hearing about Artificial Intelligence (AI) since the 1980s. Because of the movies like “The Terminator” or “Resident Evil,” AI now has a bad image among most people on the planet.

E-Commerce is Getting Better with Artificial Intelligence

            Little do most of us know that every time we log in to the internet, we encounter AIs in different forms. They are mostly used by online companies to help them improve their ability to satisfy their customers, as well as to help them earn more profit.

            Whether an online company sells products or services, the first priority is to keep the customer interested and hook into their site. In order to do this, sites use AIs to track customers’ activities and analyze their activities in order to predict a trend to find out the customers likes and dislikes. With this information, businesses can fine-tune the information that they will uniquely present to each customer. AIs can pick up on what websites people often visit, what kind of purchases consumers make, even their favorite colors. For some customers, this makes a more personalized experience.

            A more direct use of AI is in interactive systems such as Chatbots. Most people may not know it but many chat sections of a website fall under this category. These chat systems are usually there to assist customers who have questions about a service, product or the company itself. These systems have pre-arranged answers based on the most frequently asked questions. What’s more fascinating, AI keeps on improving by tracking new questions and builds new pre-arranged answers to new frequently asked questions. They present it in such a way that it seems web visitors are having a conversation with a real person, but in reality, they are only communicating with the chatbots.  

            Using AIs is worth considering for online entrepreneurs to reduce their overhead cost spent on additional personnel. However, investors with an expanding venture may also consider integrating a payment gateway that supports various payment methods especially if they serve customers abroad.

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