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Use a web builder in creating a website

3 reasons to use a web builder when starting a website

When is it a good idea to build your own website using a website builder program? Consider these important tips to help you decide.

Why build your own website using a web builder?

Just a decade ago, most companies and individuals would immediately think of hiring a Web Developer/Designer when thinking of putting up their own websites.

Building a website nowadays is easy. Today there are so many do-it-yourself website builders that you can choose from to build your own website. Even those with literally no knowledge of website development and maintenance can use a website builder program and create their own website in a matter of hours.
This begs the question if web developers and designers are still relevant. Do we still need them or can we just all rely on web builders to make websites on our own? The answer is: it depends. Here are 3 reasons that make it more practical for you to create your own website using a web builder:

1. Starting a new idea – If you are starting something new or building a start-up business, this could be the best way to go initially. You keep your costs down since the services of most website builders can be used for free. It’s easier to learn and correct mistakes as you can make changes fast and easy – no need to go back to your web developer every time.

2. Spreading information – If the purpose of your website is mostly to give out information, then it is a good idea to use a website builder. Websites that share cooking recipes, news sites, sites for viewing photos, and other similar sites fall under this category.
3. Minimal selling – If you are just selling a few products, say not more than 20 kinds, this is also a good way to begin. Again, it makes sense financially as hiring a web developer can eat up most of your profits.

As your business grows, and the needs in relation to your website become more complicated in the future, you may need to have a custom-made website built by a web developer or designer. In the long run, you may even need to use a reliable payment gateway if you have plans of selling products in other countries.

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