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PH finance regulatory body propose ICO rules

What investors need to know about ICO in the Philippines?

            In its continuous efforts to boost cryptocurrency trading in the Philippines, the country’s financial regulatory body recently proposed rules for companies planning to introduce a coin through Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs. ICO is a process used by investors to collect funds by selling shares of digital assets.

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XRP Gets Good Ratings Plus Endorsement Courtesy of Weiss Ratings

Twitter poll favors XRP as a fast cryptocurrency.

            Here comes another feather on the XRP cap. Weiss Ratings recently gave XRP a major boost by rating it the highest among other cryptocurrencies. Considered a reliable and unbiased source of safety ratings in investment, banking, insurance and other financial instruments, Weiss Ratings is known for giving sound advice to guide people in making good financial decisions.

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What is in the Near Future for XRP?

Will XRP prosper in the next few months?

            The cryptocurrency most associated with Ripple, XRP, has had a bit of a bumpy ride these past few months. With the prices going up and down and the recent questions regarding its decentralized nature, you might say it’s having a very interesting run so far. We might think that things are about to change for the better after the recent Ripple events.

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