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Google's Amir Sarhangi joining Ripple

Senior Google Wireless Messaging Service Developer Joining Ripple

A senior Google developer will be joining RippleNet and is the newest addition to the growing Ripple management team.

Former Google expert developer is the new member of Ripple family

Ripple confirmed with Reuters last Oct. 26 that it had recently hired a former senior developer from Google.

The proponent of the third largest cryptocurrency (XRP) in the market, Ripple is a US-based company that creates and provides global payment solutions. The company had informed Reuters that Google’s lead product manager, Amir Sarhangi, was leaving his post to join Ripple’s management team as vice president of products.

The announcement came on the heels of Ripple’s having doubled its revenue on the third quarter compared to that of the previous quarter. Based on official data, Ripple’s XRP sales were recorded at $163.33 million in the last quarter of 2018 compared to $73.53 million in the second quarter.

Sarhangi joined Google in 2015 after the global technology company had acquired a start-up company he and Steve Schroeder formed (calling it Jibe Mobile). There, he developed a technology platform enabling wireless carriers, specifically rich communications systems (RCS), to scale IP communication services to mobile users. He was also instrumental in the development and launch of Google’s wireless messaging system using RCS.

Many technology experts agree that the RCS technology standard could take the place of the present text messaging technology (also known as short message service or SMS) because it is a far better system of sending media and commercial messages over cellular networks. Many global technology companies that offer smartphone products like Apple and Samsung have adopted RCS technology.

Sarhangi is seen as a valuable asset to Ripple where he will manage and develop RippleNet, Ripple’s global payment network.

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