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Can XRP sustain its gain in the next cycle?

Can XRP Maintain Similar Gains as it Starts a New Cycle?

            All the signs seem to be pointing to it. We believe XRP is beginning a new cycle. In fact, if we look at the volume price indicator of XRP to USD, we can see that it may have already started.

The latest prediction on the next cycle for XRP

            Other indicators also show that XRP’s price correction has already run its course, which also indicates that it’s beginning a new trend. It’s no longer a question of whether a new trend will begin or not. The real question is: how far XRP can go in this new cycle? Can it sustain the same gains it made before?
            This is really the big question right now especially since XRP seems to be under fire from different circles. Take for example the recent statement of the Statis Group that by 2023, Bitcoin will be $96,000 while XRP will be $0.01. It sounds like it’s a stretch and seems overly exaggerated to make such a statement especially since 2023 is so far away.
            On the bright side, there are lots of good and credible information in the past that indicates Ripple is making a good progress in advancing XRP as a viable cryptocurrency solution. Ripple has gained headway in cornering the forex market which is one of the major reasons for its skyrocketing performance that also led to another stellar price correction. Because of these events, XRP is now poised as one of the best cryptocurrency investment. What’s in store for XRP on the future?
            We can only make an educated guess, of course, but our analysis points to it being another good cycle for XRP possibly even better one than the last. For the last 2 years, it has grown 5043%, probably the best performing cryptocurrency. It currently trades at $0.34 and we see it going as high as $10 or even higher next year. This may seem like an exaggerated prediction, but the signs are all around. If Ripple maintains its present course and gets more financial institution on board we really think this is what’s going to happen.

            Cryptocurrencies like XRP could be worth investing if you understand the market and the factors that affect it. However, if you also have other investments abroad, you may want to use a versatile e-wallet solution that enables you to transfer funds in various currencies.

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