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what is Xpring for startups?

Ripple Builds Partnerships Even with Startups Through Xpring

            Ripple has taken many initiatives to promote the company and their products.

Tech startups benefit from Ripple's Xpring

            To establish their flagship cryptocurrency, the XRP, they also help promising tech startups while continuously building alliances and partnerships with big-time financial institutions.
            Since the start of the internet boom, there are thousands of budding entrepreneurs trying to make their mark in the cyberspace. Many may not have the right stuff to do it but there are also many who have the right idea and attitude but with insufficient resources to pull it off. This is what Ripple aims to target when they came up with Xpring (pronounced as “spring”). The initiative is to help companies and projects, that in Ripple’s opinion, is worth pulling off and with a potential to grow. They intend to do this through Xpring by providing grants, investing and incubating companies and projects they deem deserving. They will also give these entrepreneurs access to utilize their cryptocurrency XRP and the XRP Ledger to help them find solutions to their customer problems. XRP is Ripple’s main cryptocurrency while the XRP ledger is its backbone.
            They even formed a team of some of the best minds to nurture this initiative. Ethan Beard, the Senior Vice President heads the team. He will also lead Xpring’s development program. Ethan was Director of Facebook’s Developer Network prior to joining Ripple. He worked as a product marketer, operations and international developer relations while with Facebook from 2009 to 2012. He is very much on board with Xpring and what it stands for. He also believes that Ripple has the exact kind of tools and products that can support startups.
            In a way, Xpring and XRP will actually help each other out here. XRP and the XRP ledger will be very useful in helping startup companies in the Xpring program. At the same time, more startup companies will get to know all about the advantages of using XRP and the XRP ledger while they grow bigger and better, therefore, it’s a win-win for everyone.

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